Milkfilter stockings

Secure your raw milk quality with milkfilter stockings from Bosch & Schörle

To meet the strict hygienic requirements in the dairy business the filtration of the raw milk is essential. During the milking process the raw milk is exposed to dirt particles which have to be separated to prevent contamination. Less contamination means less germs. Dairy farmers prefer milkfilter stockings from Bosch & Schörle, because they have an open end on only one side - contrary to milk hoses that have two open ends.

Choosing the material for our filters we take no risk at all: All milkfilter stockings from Bosch & Schörle are manufactured from high-quality fleece to guarantee highest quality of all our products. Milkfilter stockings from Bosch & Schörle meet all requirements of the food law. Our filters are free from genetically modified substances (like cotton). All our milkfilter stockings are certified after the ÖKOTEX Standard 100, free from any contaminations and applicable at organic dairy farms. Our certifications are inspected annually.

The high quality of our material guarantees a gentle and flawless throughput during the filtering process. Especially at high flow speeds, the milk ingredients - especially the fat molecules - are preserved. Depending on the purity of the raw milk our milkfilter stockings have a capacity of 1000-1200 liters of milk per milking session.

Chose from these products we offer:

Milk filter BS12 with ultrasonic sealing

Since 2012 we are producing milkfilter stockings with ultrasonic sealing. The weld seam is positioned alongside to increase the filtering area. The advantage: A faster flow-through at a simultaneously gentle filtration process. The weld seam is as tight as the seam on an astronaut’s space suit. These filters are free from stitches as well as thread ends at the seam.

Premium filter BS 70 with safety seam

The Premium filter BS 70 with safety seam is of extraordinary quality: It combines fast flow-through with a very high filtration rate and is of extraordinary durability when wet. The weldseam is positioned alongside which results in an increased filtering area by 6%.

Milk filter BS 05

This sewed Milk filter BS 05 provides a fast flow through and a high filtration rate. It comes with a single fissure.


  • 250 pcs per dispenser box
  • 4 boxes per carton
  • special sizes: 100 PCs per bag
  • 10 bags per carton