Milk filter discs

BS20 for manual milking or controlled milking

These discs are manufactured from Viscose at 25gr /m² .  Depending on the purity its capacity ranges from 80 to 90 liters. Sizes are available in diameters from 140 x 400 mm to 160 x 220.


  • 200 pcs / box

    BS40 for suction plants

    These filters are manufactured from finest viscose with a weight of about 40gr /m². They are mainly implemented in suction plants.


    • 100 pcs / box

    For decades Bosch & Schörle is experienced in producing milking filters you can rely on. Secure the purity of your raw milk with milk filters of Bosch & Schörle.

    Bosch & Schörle offers milk filter stockings in every size you require, suitable for all milking facilities, even milking robots.