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Bosch & Schörle - 70 Years of experience in manufacturing milk filters.

The company „Bosch & Schörle“ has been founded in 1938 by the technician Ernst Bosch and the salesman Karl Schörle. Bosch provided his experienced sales skills while Schörle took care of the machines. From the start Bosch & Schörle produced milk filter discs made out of cotton and spun rayon. Using steam and 17 tons of pressure, the filters were willowed and pressed over calenders. Farmers used their milk filter discs until the seventies. One cotton disc was able to clean 40-50 liters of milk - depending on the grade of purity.


In the year of 1970 Karl-Jürgen Laible took over leadership.

Due to the growing capacity of dairy farms the demand for a new filtering technique had emerged. The Cotton disc was replaced by a newly developed fleece disc. A fleece disc was able to filter 70 - 80 liters of milk. Also the problem with fibres ending up in the milk when pumped into the collecting trucks was now solved.

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Milkfilter stockings for tubular milking machines

On September 1st in 1970 Bosch & Schörle were the first manufacturer to start developing  sealed milkfilter stockings for tubular milking machines. It was of importance that these filters complied to the food law (RAL B14). Our new milkfilter stockings were adapted right away by the European farm industry. Today milkfilter stockings are used all over the world and we are proud to have been a key player in developing and introducing these filters.

Due to consequent development of our products, Bosch & Schörle is still able to maintain its dominant position in this increasingly competitive market. Aside from our well-proven sealed milkfilter stockings we also produce sewed milkfilter stockings in two different qualities. Our sewed premium filter equipped with safety fissure is unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

All our filters meet the requirements of the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100, are food-safe, absolutely free from contaminations and can also be used in organic dairy farms. Depending on the purity of the milk, each milkfilter stocking is able to filter at least 1000 liters of milk. Even at fast flow-through rates the filters work flawlessly and secure high durability.

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